Miika Wuorela: Voice In The Ear. WRC Co-drivers Behind The Success

Voice in the ear
Voice in the ear

Book for the real petrolheads!

Since 1973 World Rally Championship has been a really competitive series
measuring the striking power of man and machine. During the years many books
about the drivers and the teams has been published. Not that many about co-
drivers though – the navigators who faithfully sit alongside their drivers
through the blizzards and blistering winds.

This book will guide you through the same conditions and face the situations as
they come. All the stories told by the stars themselves! These men have won ten
world championship titles altogether and have been part in winning several
manufacturers titles as well. Lean back, take a cosy position and enjoy.

Starring: Seppo Harjanne, Ilkka Kivimäki, Luis Moya, Juha Piironen and Timo

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ISBN 978-952-6798-51-6 (EPUB)
120 pages