Marko Hannonen: A Field Theory of House Prices. An Empirical Study of the Helsinki Submarket

This book presents the essential ideas of the field theory of house prices. This theory combines some fundamental concepts of classical physics and standard economics, providing a new, alternative way of thinking about house prices. In the field theory of house prices a new concept of analysis is defined: house prices by distance from the CBD (Central Business District). In traditional neoclassical economics, house prices are analysed directly without including the location element of a house. The field theory, however, takes location explicitly into account by analysing house prices divided by the distance from the CBD. The main ideas of the field theory are also applicable to the land markets and facilities markets, where location plays a significant role in the analysis of property prices.

The author is a Doctor of Science (Technology), whose research interest focuses on applied mathematics and economics.

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ISBN 9789526613369 (PDF)
74 pages/sivua