JP Rantanen: How to Value a Business and Save Your Own Shirt: The real world practice of valuing, buying and selling companies

This is essential reading for anyone seriously interested in business acquisitions. Whether you’re interested in buying a company, or are in a situation where you even involuntarily need to sell one, this professional-quality book will guide you through. It is particularly suitable for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

And no difficult formulas. Just solid, understandable writing on what the transaction value of a company is based on in real situations–including a wealth of examples. It also offers you tips from the pros on how to value a company and finish the deal.

This ebook is excellent for those considering
• What is a company’s true value and price
• How the value is calculated
• Why the calculated payback period of one company is five, and another one’s is three years
• How to get the best possible price
• When to suspect if something is not like the vendor claims
• Why different buyers make different valuations
• How to find the best buyer
• How to bargain and when it’s not worth the time
• Why financing the deal is connected to business valuation
• When the deal should be done–and when it should be postponed
• Problems caused by the valuation of the financial statements
• How, where–and from what business areas–do buyers search for potential targets?
• Why using averages is dangerous in business valuation

The book is rewarding reading for professionals as well. It has some new openings to launch debates on the valuation and financing of business acquisitions.

132 pages.

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