Our services

Our two main services are:

  • Distribution of ebooks to prominent Finnish and international ebookstores
  • Ebook conversion from print titles or digital source files

with the bottom line being:

  • 75 % of net proceeds will go to the copyright holder
  • All rights are always withheld by the copyright holder
  • All contracts are reversible at a 6 month notice

We will also gladly help all interested parties outside of Finland to enter the Finnish ebook market. As of 2014, the ebook market is still small up here but naturally it will follow the path of the global ebook market.

If you’re an individual author acting on your own, we will gladly help you to:

  • Help you arrange a professional translation of your book into Finnish
  • Distribute your ebook in Finland

If you’re an agent or a publisher looking for entry into Finland, we offer:

  • Consultation on the Finnish book market, including possibilities for both ebook and print distribution

Our experience covers all aspects of the Finnish ebook and print book market, and we are always open to new types of innovative arrangements.

Please do not hesitate to contact us:

CEO Jussi Keinonen