Books In English

We provide distribution for Finnish authors who have their works available in English. Have a look:


Jukka K. Korpela: Handbook of Finnish

An extensive, massive manual of the Finnish language. 686 pages! Read more:  Handbook of Finnish

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Jukka K. Korpela: Introduction to Finnish

An oversight of the Finnish language, explaining its key features. Read more: Introduction to Finnish

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Jukka K. Korpela: Writing Mathematical Expressions

This guide covers both simple notations used in general texts and professional  formulas and equations used in natural sciences, mathematics, and other fields. An essential handbook. PDF. Read more: Writing Mathematical Expressions

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JP Rantanen: How to Value a Business and Save Your Own Shirt

The real world practice of valuing, buying and selling companies

Essential reading for anyone seriously interested in business acquisitions. Read more: How to Value a Business and Save Your Own Shirt

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Marko Hannonen: A Field Theory of House Prices

An Empirical Study of the Helsinki Submarket

This theory combines some fundamental concepts of classical physics and standard economics, providing a new, alternative way of thinking about house prices. Read more: A Field Theory of House Prices

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Kari Välimäki: Blessed Under the Stars. Horoscope Vignettes

Star signs in new and thought-provoking ways. A collection of moments and glimpses into the lives of twelve women. Read more: Blessed Under the Stars

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Miika Wuorela: Voice In The Ear. WRC Co-drivers Behind The Success

A book for the real petrolheads – all the stories told by the stars themselves! Read more: Voice In The Ear

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