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E-painos Ltd. is a Finnish company specialising in ebooks. We provide services to all authors, translators, copyright holders and publishers for the digital book market, in Finland and abroad.

Besides books in Finnish, we distribute ebooks in English, predominantly by Finnish authors.

Officially registered as Suomen E-Painos Oy (EU VAT number FI24407606), the LLC was formed in 2011. We are and will stay debt-free, because with a solid background in traditional book publishing, we are well aware that ebook markets will develop differently.

Although at this stage we focus on distribution, we expect our future to lie in marketing. That’s what we’re professionals at.

The name E-painos is a word play in Finnish: it translates as ”e-edition” and informally as ”your e-printer”.

If you’re interested in knowing more, please contact info [at]

CEO Jussi Keinonen